The Amazon Future Engineer sponsorship provides three years of ongoing onsite professional development to elementary teachers on the content and pedagogy of computer science education. The sponsorship provides everything districts need to implement a sustainable computer science initiative. This includes eight onsite professional development workshops, ongoing model teaching and coaching, curricula and teacher lesson plans, and an online Instructional Coach Course to ensure the sustainability of the program.

Districts who are awarded will participate in professional development over a three year period and teach computer science to students during the school day. Every district is different; professional development and support will be customized and scheduled to take into account each district’s unique needs. Professional development and support will take place onsite at your district.

This application is for a service award (no money is awarded) that provides all of the support needed to implement computer science in elementary grades district-wide.  All professional development, support, and curriculum will be provided to each district at no cost. Districts will receive BootUp’s free project-based curriculum which uses the free coding platforms Scratch and ScratchJr. The curriculum (and over 100 projects) will remain free and available beyond the life of the award.

Districts will collaborate with BootUp to schedule professional development and onsite support over a three year period.  

Districts will commit to the following during the three-year award period: 

  • Participate in professional development

    • teachers attend 8 onsite PD workshops (3-6 hours each)

    • teachers participate in model teaching and coaching

  • Teachers implement computer science in their classrooms during the school day

  • Select and commit an Instructional Coach to

    • serve as the main contact between BootUp and teachers

    • attend the 8 onsite PD workshops with teachers

    • complete an online Instructional Coach course

    • champion the initiative once support is complete 

  • Complete an Outcomes Report at the end of each year

BootUp Professional Development

BootUp PD is a national 501(c)(3) nonprofit, with experience implementing district-wide elementary computer science initiatives with a focus on creativity and problem-solving. BootUp prepares teachers to facilitate open-ended coding projects in the free platforms Scratch and ScratchJr that are not only project-based, but also personally meaningful. Students choose something that is interesting to them and find a way to explore that interest with code through design, music, art, animation, games, or stories. Find out more about BootUp at

Who Can Apply/Eligibility

U.S. public school districts serving elementary students are eligible to apply for this opportunity. Applications will not be accepted from individual schools or teachers but must be authorized and submitted through their District or LEA. The District's superintendent (or approved designee) signature is required through a Superintendent Recommendation form. District support is a critical component in the successful implementation of this initiative. If you don’t yet have superintendent or district support we’ve provided free resources, including a way to contact your superintendent, and projects you can do right away!

Priority Will Be Given To:

  • Districts serving a large percentage of students eligible for Free and Reduced Lunch 

  • Districts serving a large percentage of Minority students

  • Districts committing a large number of schools, educators, and student participants

  • Districts committing to an equitable implementation; and

  • District committing to a district-wide implementation*
    *We suggest this as a way to reach all of your students and so that participant demographics align to your district demographics as a whole.

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